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C3 Solution Brief

Consolidation. Cloud Computing. Contingency.

There are three areas in your datacenter that require focused planning.

Consolidation of



M2 Technology (M2) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) offer a proven and trusted solution to Government Agencies addressing these initiatives. We call our offering - C3; a solution built to address consolidation efforts, contingency planning initiatives and movements toward the Cloud.

  • HP BladeSystem… the leader in blade technology for the last 6 years
  • 10 Gb Ethernet Switches… capable of integrating into existing networks
  • Fiber Channel or iSCSI virtualized storage
  • HP D2D Backup System
  • Software to monitor, manage and automate repetitive tasks
  • VMware vSphere… the industry standard Enterprise virtualization software

Consolidation of Servers

Doing more with less is a directive in most Government Agencies, consolidation is one way to meet this goal.

M2's C3 Solution is goal driven.

C3 allows your older Intel technology to migrate to a consolidated, virtualized environment or to a mix of servers and virtual machines.

Virtualization allows multiple applications to run on a single server, reducing the number of servers required and better utilizing the servers deployed. The hardware proposed in the C3 Solution can support up to 192 virtual machines depending on application requirements. Consolidation and virtualization introduce their own complexities. The supporting server, storage and network management tools provided in C3 allows system administrators to easily learn, manage and support the new environment. Virtualization and these tools are the foundation to move your datacenter toward the Cloud.

Contingency Planning

Mission critical matters

C3 Solution is designed to be part of any Disaster Recovery plan.

Every datacenter must be prepared to handle disaster. With optional software, virtualization and C3 management software your organization can support virtual machine and server failover to secondary sites. Data replication by the Fiber Channel or iSCSI storage enables the secondary servers to have full access to their data. Depending on the type of failover chosen, applications can be back online in minutes if not seconds -- seamlessly. If a full application failover of your environment is not needed, the data can be replicated for safe keeping by either the storage controllers or the D2D backup system. In either case, safe data means an easier path to restoring your infrastructure.

Cloud Readiness

The journey to the cloud can be made easy with the help of a knowledgeable guide.

The C3 Solution strives to make the path to the cloud manageable with infrastructure automation.

The C3 solution can increase the automation of day-to-day tasks and requirements so your IT team is better positioned to look to the future or new projects rather than trying to react to or keep up with the day-to-day demands of your infrastructure. This automation moves you further along your journey to a robust Cloud environment, making it easier for multiple environments to combine into one centralized data center while allowing your organization to continue controlling their requirements and applications.

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If you are interested in this technology, virtualization, moving to the Cloud or disaster preparedness, M2 is standing by and ready to discuss the possibilities. Call your local M2 representative at 800-267-1760.