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M2 Technology (M2) is an Information Technology (IT) solution provider focused on enterprise computing and data center solutions for the federal government. M2 has set the standard for client satisfaction and has experienced tremendous growth in the marketplace. This claim has been substantiated by receiving a "Customer Loyalty" rating of 100% in an assessment conducted by Hewlett-Packard of their top tiered partners (compared to an average of 64% for all other top tiered partners). Our commitment to customer service, responsiveness, integrity, and loyalty has established our status with clients as a "trusted advisor".

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    M2 is very proud of its team comprised of:
  • Former US Military officers with at least 10 years of post military service experience in private industry
  • Tenured IT professionals from leading manufacturers
  • Others with extensive backgrounds in the IT and IT Value Added Reseller (ITVAR) community
  • Financial and contracting professionals who understand and provide consulting on the government procurement process

We believe that the difference M2 provides our clients is the direct result of the respect and support we give our employees. M2 is committed to providing exemplary technology products and customer service.

Because of our remarkable growth, we are constantly looking for talented and driven people to join our team of professionals.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, excellent training and an enthusiastic working environment.

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  • Case Study

    Schedule Management

    Client: U.S. Air Force Base
    Issue: Time Constraints, Quick Responses, Competitive Pricing

    "…government entities sometimes force time constraints and a quick response; it can be very difficult to provide timely services to the customer. M2 does a very good job of working within the collapsed time constraints and getting the information, quotes or relevant product to us within a timely manner. This is a very competitive category, but I count on M2 to provide the government the best possible solution and price."

    VIZVOX™ Watchman G3

    Made of high-impact armored housing materials, a steel lanyard and security-grade handset, the Watchman G3 is manufactured to withstand abuse and designed to provide a safe and secure device for inmate pods and cellblocks. The sturdy construction and resistance to tampering offered by the Watchman G3 are critical characteristics for inmate accessible units. Once deployed, VizVox immediately begins to provide value and security to the facility – inmate movement is limited, human resource costs decreased and improved security for jail personnel, courthouse employees and the general public. The Watchman G3 can be configured to provide additional services including: inmate calling, commissary KIOSK services, media downloads and e-mail.

    • 17" Color Monitor
    • Secure Touch Surface Wave Technology
    • SIP Compliant
    • Hi Resolution Camera With VGA Capability
    • Maximum Bandwidth Connection Speed Of 512kbps
    • Remote Low Voltage DC Power
    • Detention Grade Cast Aluminum Housing
    • USB 2.0 External Port