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Delivery Management

Promises are kept and deliveries are made.

Delivery management is the part of the M2 team that makes sure the order is made complete and set up properly - the technical elements are all there, support contracts are in place, documentation has been provided to all the supporting groups, delivery schedules have been defined, etc.

Our team approach gives you a resource from order creation to receipt of the technology and any post delivery needs. Tried and true processes are in place to control the efficiency of every delivery schedule. We know you need reliable solutions fast, and we ensure your success by providing:

  • Skilled project management and oversight
  • Experienced supply chain management
  • Expedited order processing
  • Up-to-date inventory stock research
  • Tracking, delivery and reporting
  • Case Study

    Customer Service

    Client: Navy Medical
    Issue: Storage Consolidation Project

    "I've listened to several presentations from various vendors regarding our Storage Infrastructure requirements; but M2's proposal yesterday blew everyone else’s proposal out of the water."

    VIZVOX™ Watchman G3

    Made of high-impact armored housing materials, a steel lanyard and security-grade handset, the Watchman G3 is manufactured to withstand abuse and designed to provide a safe and secure device for inmate pods and cellblocks. The sturdy construction and resistance to tampering offered by the Watchman G3 are critical characteristics for inmate accessible units. Once deployed, VizVox immediately begins to provide value and security to the facility – inmate movement is limited, human resource costs decreased and improved security for jail personnel, courthouse employees and the general public. The Watchman G3 can be configured to provide additional services including: inmate calling, commissary KIOSK services, media downloads and e-mail.

    • 17" Color Monitor
    • Secure Touch Surface Wave Technology
    • SIP Compliant
    • Hi Resolution Camera With VGA Capability
    • Maximum Bandwidth Connection Speed Of 512kbps
    • Remote Low Voltage DC Power
    • Detention Grade Cast Aluminum Housing
    • USB 2.0 External Port