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Lower risk and raise expectations

Maintenance & Call Center

One contract. One invoice. One solution provider.

We pride ourselves on being well trained, knowledgeable and skilled regarding all our products and services. Consolidating all your maintenance contracts under a single M2 Technology agreement provides you with a single source to administer your maintenance support, thus simplifying your services and maintaining an incredibly fast response time when you need help. Our multi-vendor relationships allow us to provide expert and personal support options, including:

  • Problem diagnosis and help desk support
  • Onsite support
  • Coverage options (24x7, Next Business Day, Time & Materials)
  • Escalation management

This approach enables us to truly understand you and your systems in order to better serve your needs.

  • Case Study

    Technical Support

    Client: Headquarters Air Force Agency
    Issue: Complex Problems Requiring Extensive Due Diligence

    “M2 engineers’ knowledge exceeds what is expected in providing technical support. Problem issues are resolved in a professional and timely manner. We plan to continue using M2 Technology as an acquisition source for IT products and services.”
  • Technology Feature

    The HP Blade System C-class

    Tackle the toughest challenges of today's data centers.

    The HP BladeSystem C-class architecture offers strong and compelling options for reduced capital and operational expenses including:

    • Wire infrastructure once and change on the fly as business priorities change
    • Significantly improve server, storage and network utilization
    • Faster deployment of new servers and their connections to LAN and SAN
    • Reduce power consumption up to 30 percent without sacrificing application performance
    • Increased density with up to 60 percent more servers in a rack
    • Implement N+1 redundancy to help ensure high availability to all applications in a rack
    • Cut the number and cost of cables out of each rack by up to 94 percent
    • Double the number of servers an administrator can manage
    • Save up to 41 percent on purchase cost