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Violin Memory and HP Make Sweet music Together with M2

The HP VMA-series Memory Arrays are part of the comprehensive HP solid state storage portfolio providing server applications with low-latency I/O performance in scalable capacities large enough to hold entire databases. Enterprises can use these devices to store virtually all of their primary data—the databases and data warehouses behind their enterprise resource planning systems, their human resources systems, their customer relationship management software, and all their other critical functions.

The VMA utilizes SLC NAND flash memory that does not require power to retain data. Flash technology contains no moving parts and, as a result, this technology has higher reliability, faster access times, and consumes less power than traditional storage devices.

The VMA supports the HP ProLiant DL980 Server with either PCIe direct-attach or Fibre Channel SAN-attach storage and HP Integrity i2 Blades and Superdome2 running HP-UX with the Fibre Channel SAN attach option.

Federal data centers demand large SMP type scalability in Linux and Windows environments, have complex workloads the demand better response time and increased I/O operations per second (IOPS) and Oracle applications and databases that are growing in size and complexity. The HP ProLiant DL980 G7 with VMA-series Memory Arrays solution from M2 offers the capacity to consolidate and manage mission critical applications and databases in a single server. Organizations considering Oracle Exadata™ should evaluate the benefits of the HP VMA based solution which include 50x reduction in latency and 20x reduction in cost/IOP at 1/3 the cost of Oracle Exadata.

  • Up to 10TB per 3U memory array
  • Dedicate up to 8 memory arrays (80TB of storage) to a single server via high-speed PCIe links
  • Scalable capacities up to petabytes of storage – capable of holding an entire database without need for special designs or architectures
  • Each HP VMA3200 with Single Layer Cell (SLC) NAND Flash delivers sustained DRAM-like performance that is 50 times faster than a similar size HDD array
  • Minimize latency and maximize IOPS (I/O operations per second)
  • Achieve sustained performance with on-board write wear leveling
  • RAID protected, hot-plug memory modules with 4 + 1 parity and memory sparing
  • Redundant power supplies and fans, standard
  • External design makes it easy to reconnect storage to different server hosts
  • Supported servers:
    • HP ProLiant DL980 running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, RHEL 5.6, SLES 11 sP1
    • HP IntegrityBL8x0 i2 Blades and HP Superdome2 running HP-UX11iv3

To learn more, ask JoAnn or for more information regarding the comparison between HP's Violin solutions and Oracle's Exadata, or click here.

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    Client: Navy Medical
    Issue: Storage Consolidation Project

    "I've listened to several presentations from various vendors regarding our Storage Infrastructure requirements; but M2's proposal yesterday blew everyone else’s proposal out of the water."
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