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Continuity of Operations

System stability is key; always-on services are vital for global operations.

To improve application and data availability, while reducing total cost of operations, M2 provides technologies to ensure business continuity with solutions that extend LAN and SAN connectivity across geographically dispersed active data centers. We can help organizations maintain high-performance, nonstop access to business-critical applications and information.

M2 solutions support application clustering and virtual machine mobility between data centers to optimize computing efficiency and support business continuity. We offer flexible connectivity options for LAN and SAN extension across optical, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), or IP infrastructures.

M2 solutions offer a scalable, flexible platforms that satisfies requirements for server and application mobility and business continuity objectives:

  • Reduce the business impact of disaster events and help ensure business continuity
  • Improve productivity through enhanced application and data availability
  • Meet corporate and regulatory compliance needs and improve data security

We have designed and deployed a Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery (COOP/DR) solutions for the Marine Corp Systems Command, Virtual Tape Library (VTL) deployment including data duplication for AFPC.

  • Case Study

    Schedule Management

    Client: U.S. Air Force Base
    Issue: Time Constraints, Quick Responses, Competitive Pricing

    "…government entities sometimes force time constraints and a quick response; it can be very difficult to provide timely services to the customer. M2 does a very good job of working within the collapsed time constraints and getting the information, quotes or relevant product to us within a timely manner. This is a very competitive category, but I count on M2 to provide the government the best possible solution and price."
  • Technology Feature

    Mission Critical Matters

    Federal agency data centers are approaching capacity. Yet by 2015, agencies will have nearly 40% fewer data centers to do nearly 40% more work. Adding capacity is infinitely more difficult than just flipping a switch. Training and security are significant barriers along with the mandate for Always-On resilience…mission critical matters.

    • Integrity Systems - application-tiering and transaction processing to enterprise databases and larger mission-critical workloads
    • ProLiant industry standard (x86) servers - data intensive enterprise workloads, including business processing and decision support
    • Storage - bulletproof data protection
    • Networking - secured, managed, deployed and expanded
    • HP UX - a rock-solid UNIX® operating environment to help lower costs and carry you for another decade
    • Converged Infrastructures - consolidate applications on a common platform with the flexibility to scale resources to meet any workload demand

    For more detail on HP Mission Critical solutions, visit http://www.itmissioncritical.com/m2