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HP Enterprise Security Products

HP and M2 are leading providers of security and compliance solutions for modern enterprises that want to mitigate risk in their hybrid environments and defend against advanced threats. Based on market leading products from ArcSight, Fortify, and TippingPoint, the HP Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) Platform uniquely delivers the advanced correlation, application protection, and network defense technology to protect today's applications and IT infrastructures from sophisticated cyber threats.

  • ArcSight is the SIEM market share leader - Complete Visibility to Fix Problems Early
    The ArcSight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform helps safeguard Federal enterprises by giving complete visibility into activity across the IT infrastructure:

    • External threats such as malware and hackers
    • Internal threats such as data breaches and fraud
    • Risks from application flaws and configuration changes
    • Compliance pressures from failed audits.

    ArcSight ETRM includes the industry's leading security information and event management (SIEM) products for collecting, analyzing and assessing security and risk event information. The result is rapid identification, prioritization and response to policy breaches, cybersecurity attacks and insider threats. ArcSight correlates logs, user roles, and network flows to understand who, what and where of information security. For six consecutive years, Gartner has positioned ArcSight in the Leaders quadrant for SIEM.

  • Fortify Software – Proactively eliminate risk in software

      Key Benefits
    • Reduces time to find and fix vulnerability issues in software
    • Lowers costs associated with development, remediation, and compliance
    • Boosts productivity by automating application security procedures.
    • Accelerates time to market by ensuring fewer security-related delays

    SSA: A Systematic Approach to Eliminating Risk in Software The most effective way to secure today's software is by employing a proactive approach known as Software Security Assurance (SSA). It's a comprehensive discipline that provides you with a systematic way to eliminate vulnerability risk in software. SSA is based on the very sound principle that it's far more effective and cost-efficient to secure applications while they're being developed than to do so after they've been deployed. Accordingly, the key objectives of SSA are not only to identify and remove risk in existing applications, but more importantly to promote secure development practices during development and throughout the application lifecycle.

    HP Fortify Software Security Center

    HP Fortify Software Security Center enables any organization of any size to automate any or all aspects of a successful SSA program. Part of the family of HP Enterprise Security Products, HP Fortify Software Security Center is comprised of industry-leading products, solutions, and features that address the complete spectrum of your application security needs.

    • Address immediate security issues in software you've already deployed.
    • Reduce systemic risk in software you're developing or acquiring from vendors.
    • Meet compliance goals for internal and external security mandates.
  • The TippingPoint Web Application Digital Vaccine Service - Maximize security investments, reduce risk and maintain a healthy network.
    Standard Web application firewalls can have false positives when deployed in-line to block malicious traffic, causing network outages or performance problems instead of ensuring the high availability of the Web applications they are assigned to protect. Mitigating these issues can require constant tuning, adding an unnecessary drain on IT resources and budget.

    TippingPoint Web App DV services identify and remedy any vulnerability in custom-built Web applications without affecting network performance. Web App DV uses a combination of custom DV filters along with standard filters to provide this comprehensive network protection. TippingPoint Web App DV works by first scanning custom applications and associated URLs to determine the weak points in the code that could be exploited by malicious attacks, which TippingPoint's DVLabs team will use to create the custom filters, or set of filters, that will be deployed through the TippingPoint IPS.

    The integral part of the TippingPoint Web App DV solution is the Digital Vaccine® Service. Developed by TippingPoint's world-renowned security researchers (DVLabs), the Digital Vaccine service delivers comprehensive security filters to TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems to pre-emptively protect against the exploit of new and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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  • Technology Feature

    The HP Blade System C-class

    Tackle the toughest challenges of today's data centers.

    The HP BladeSystem C-class architecture offers strong and compelling options for reduced capital and operational expenses including:

    • Wire infrastructure once and change on the fly as business priorities change
    • Significantly improve server, storage and network utilization
    • Faster deployment of new servers and their connections to LAN and SAN
    • Reduce power consumption up to 30 percent without sacrificing application performance
    • Increased density with up to 60 percent more servers in a rack
    • Implement N+1 redundancy to help ensure high availability to all applications in a rack
    • Cut the number and cost of cables out of each rack by up to 94 percent
    • Double the number of servers an administrator can manage
    • Save up to 41 percent on purchase cost