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We are compelled to emphasize our fundamental premise that data has little value without a human connection. OEM equipment is just hardware without a human connection. Big Data is just a mass of 0s and 1s without a human connection. M2's technology specialists bring a human perspective and help make technology perform.

IT Performance Suite

Zero-growth strategy for data center space

Top 10 Federal Agenicies with the Most Data Centers
Defense 772
State 361
Interior 210
H&HS 185
Energy 89
Veterans 87
Justice 65
Agriculture 46
Treasury 42

In announcing the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative the Administration outlined four high-level goals:

  1. Promote the use of Green IT by reducing the overall energy and real estate footprint of government data centers
  2. Reduce the cost of data center hardware, software and operations
  3. Increase the overall IT security posture of the government
  4. Shift IT investments to more efficient computing platforms and technologies

The Administration discussed that government IT operations will be shifted to a cloud computing model, saying the federal government is looking for "game-changing approaches" to deal with the problematic growth in data centers rather than "brute force consolidation." 40% will be closed by 2015.

M2 supports this initiative and has the expertise and technology partners to execute the most cost efficient and secure solutions. Plans for greater use of cloud computing should also include an IT governance framework focused on consistency, accountability and smart decision making. This is where M2 can help Federal CIOs.

Federal CIO focus as mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB):

  1. Governance
    CIOs must drive the investment review process for IT investments and have responsibility over the entire IT portfolio for an Agency.
  2. Commodity IT
    Agency CIOs must focus on eliminating duplication and rationalize their agency's IT investments.
  3. Program Management
    Agency CIOs shall improve the overall management of large Federal IT projects by identifying, recruiting, and hiring top IT program management talent.
  4. Information Security
    CIOs, or senior agency officials reporting to the CIO, shall have the authority and primary responsibility to implement an agency-wide information security program and to provide information security for both the information collected and maintained by the agency, or on behalf of the agency, and for the information systems that support the operations, assets, and mission of the agency.

M2 supports the OMB's process:

OMB process

Peak performance demands precision control

Fine tune the business with a comprehensive IT performance system

Delivering against business strategy and objectives depends on many factors. But one thing is critical: performance. If your people and systems aren't performing at peak levels, your enterprise won't be successful. For more on this topic from HP, click here.

Information Management and Business Intelligence/Analytics

More Data, Less Time, Better Business

Federal agencies are facing some unprecedented challenges with the consolidation of data centers...BIG DATA is getting bigger.

  • HP Vertica Analytics System - speed and scale for mission critical demands
    HP has designated M2 as one of its select Elite Partners to take a lead position with this new technology.

    The new HP Vertica Analytics System is purpose-built to help organizations extract value from big data at the speed and scale to support mission critical demands. This system combines the Vertica Analytics Platform with HP Converged Infrastructure in a unique appliance, to help customers analyze large amounts of complex data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, all in real-time. With this capability, customers can quickly gain critical business insights and make faster, more effective decisions.

  • HP VMA-series Memory Arrays (VMA) - Violin and HP Make Sweet music with M2
    The technology is external storage arrays – disk-based storage devices. Enterprises can use these devices to store virtually all of their primary data – the databases and data warehouses behind their enterprise resource planning systems, their human resources systems, their customer relationship management software, and all their other critical functions.

    Violin's Flash memory boards can read and write data faster than disk drives enhancing HP's superfast, multicore processors in today's Federal data centers. HP servers and Violin memory array create Oracle Exadata-killing high-performance solutions using industry standard open technology including Intel Xeon processors, Linux and Windows operating systems. This open technology lowers the cost per transaction (from Exadata) and provides more total system IOPS, more usable storage and a much lower system cost.

Fore more information, please get in touch with:

Jeff Hart, Enterprise IT Management Software Representative
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  • Case Study

    Customer Service and Business Development

    OEM: Hewlett Packard
    Issue: Collaboration and Partner Relations

    "I never had a partner work a piece of business better than this or put this much effort into it. I think this is the most perfect example I have ever seen of a partner showing their value-add and being an extension of the HP sales team and not doing the standard pick-and-choose from a vendor's different products… if our other partners did half as much it would be incredible."
  • Technology Feature

    Data Center Network Switch

    HP A5820 series 10-Gigabit Switches are a revolutionary new line of flex chassis switches which are the most advanced 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches developed by HP. They deliver a unique combination of unmatched 10-GbE port density, high availability architecture (HA), and full Layer 2 and Layer 3 dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support. The A5820 series features line-rate performance on all ports and cut through switching to minimize latency. These switches are extremely versatile and can be used in enterprise core and distribution applications as well as data center top-of-rack server access applications.