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Support Services

Disaster Recovery

Downtime is costly; we take a proactive approach to ensure maximum stability and operating efficiency. A shared IT services platform for a private cloud will improve application availability by providing capabilities to protect against planned infrastructure downtime and provide resilience to unplanned downtime across all aspects of the hardware – server, storage, network and software.

M2 provides proven solutions to reduce your exposure and vulnerability to disaster, and speed your recovery should a catastrophe strike. For example, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager helps to meet recovery time objectives (RTO) and compliance requirements by using it to manage failover from production datacenters to backup sites automatically.

Manage failover between two active sites by having each act as a recovery site for the other. Or have multiple sites fail over to the same recovery site (many to one). Even planned datacenter failovers in scenarios such as datacenter migrations are made easier with Site Recovery Manager.

Improving the security, safety and redundancy of electronic information is a vital part of any disaster recovery plan.

  • Contingency operations
  • Regulatory compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Privacy Act of 1974)
  • Encryption encoding and decoding
  • Application recovery validation
  • Remote replication

Data Migration

Transferring data from one source to another incurs inherent risk. Our team pays strict attention to detail and data validation to ensure information is accurately repositioned and protected in the process of data migration. We use verified test and data protection practices to protect your investment and security.


Innovative video technologies enhance the work environment, increase security and facilitate effective communication, as well as reduce travel costs and improve the availability of human resources.

  • Video conferencing
  • Distance learning
  • Video surveillance
  • Video arraignment for the court system
  • Video visitation for law enforcement
  • Case Study

    Delivery Management

    Client: Air Force
    Issue: Electronic Equipment Pickup/Delivery Request from Hi-Tech Transportation, Inc. was not being accepted by operations group as proof of delivery (PoD)

    "Ms. Nolan (M2 account specialist) provided us with needed supporting documentation regarding the PoD for the order of an HP Superdome. This was a big deal for my team this month and both my Director and VP had their eyes on it. We have found the M2 team a pleasure to deal with and look forward to working together again."
  • Technology Feature

    The HP Blade System C-class

    Tackle the toughest challenges of today's data centers.

    The HP BladeSystem C-class architecture offers strong and compelling options for reduced capital and operational expenses including:

    • Wire infrastructure once and change on the fly as business priorities change
    • Significantly improve server, storage and network utilization
    • Faster deployment of new servers and their connections to LAN and SAN
    • Reduce power consumption up to 30 percent without sacrificing application performance
    • Increased density with up to 60 percent more servers in a rack
    • Implement N+1 redundancy to help ensure high availability to all applications in a rack
    • Cut the number and cost of cables out of each rack by up to 94 percent
    • Double the number of servers an administrator can manage
    • Save up to 41 percent on purchase cost