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Virtually Face-to-Face

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VizVox provides inmates with the ability to connect with family and visitors.

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The VizVox Video Visitation Solution provides improved security and increases efficiency while providing video visitation and many other applications to support inmate services. VizVox has quickly become an essential resource for correctional sites requiring safe, cost-effective communications with inmates and a tool for the elimination of contraband.

The VizVox proprietary software was designed and developed by our team of software developers and is supported by VizVox skilled engineers.

    Some of the features and functions of the VizVox software include:
  • Video Visitation
  • Inmate Telephone Services Interface
  • Revenue Generation through Remote Visitation
  • Commissary Kiosk Services
  • Law Library Research Interface
  • Media Downloads (MP3 and Video)
  • Send & Receive Email
  • Grievance Filing
  • Control
  • Scheduling

For more information on the VizVox technology, please visit VizVox website.


    Watchman G3

    Manufactured by VizVox, the Watchman G3 is made of high-impact armored housing materials and includes a steel lanyard and security-grade handset. The Watchman G3 is manufactured to withstand abuse and designed to provide a safe and secure device for inmate pods and cellblocks. The sturdy construction and resistance to tampering are critical characteristics for inmate accessible units. Once deployed, VizVox immediately begins to provide value and security to the facility; inmate movement is limited, human resource costs decreased and improved security for jail personnel, courthouse employees and the general public.The Watchman G3 specifications include the following:

    • Detention Grade Cast Aluminum Housing
    • 17" Secure Touch Color Monitor
    • SIP Compliant
    • Hi Resolution Camera With VGA Capability
    • Remote Low Voltage DC Power
    • USB 2.0 External Port